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These are the principles that guide the law firm of Sato & Sato, LLC:

  • What you hear is as important as what you say.

  • Every client deserves our best effort.

Sato & Sato is a family business committed to providing high quality legal advice and representation to other Alaskan families and small businesses.  We have represented clients from Craig to Barrow and understand the diverse needs of Alaskans.

At Sato & Sato we help our clients make informed choices and strive to obtain the most desirable outcome for that client’s situation and needs.  We are careful to limit our caseload so that each client’s case can receive the attention it deserves.  We cannot guarantee any particular result, but we will always listen to what you say and do our best to meet your expectations. 

We also value community service in both the legal arena and the community at large.  We provide pro bono services through the Alaska Bar Association and the Alaska Network for Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault.  In addition, we volunteer in the community to support the arts, education and recreational sports.

Sato & Sato, llc

 500 L Street, Suite 501

 Anchorage, Alaska 99501

 phone (907) 258-7286; fax (907) 258-7280


For the convenience of our clients, we accept Visa and Mastercard.

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